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Prison Program


In cooperation with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections, Team Greyhound Adoption of Ohio is working with several correctional facilities in the State of Ohio.  We started with our first dogs at the Lorain Correctional Facility in Grafton, Ohio, in March of 2001. This type of program is not new for the State of Ohio, however, this is first training program in Ohio to involve retired racing greyhounds.  While the dogs are at the facility they each have a primary handler and a secondary handler.  The job of the handlers is to teach the greyhounds socialization, general manners, and basic obedience skills.  The goal is that when the dogs leave the program they will know how to walk nicely on a lead and obey the basic commands of sit, down, stay and come.  Based on the willingness of the dog to learn, more commands can be taught.  The dogs will be in training for a minimum of 90 days. 

When the first two dogs were placed in the program on March 23, 2001, it was a wonderful experience to see the love and compassion that the handlers had for these two beautiful greyhounds.  The greyhound magic was working and it was evident that this was a great opportunity for these handlers to feel positive about themselves while doing something to create a positive contribution to society.

This type of training program gives Team Greyhound the ability to offer for adoption a greyhound that is already well mannered and trained in the basic commands.  This venture enables Team Greyhound Adoption of Ohio to receive a much needed source for foster care, while enabling us to help more greyhound dogs find loving and caring homes.  This program was modeled after many successful programs in other states.  Our thanks go to all of the people involved with The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections that have been involved in this program.  A special thanks to the people involved with the TLC program in Kansas who provided a lot of insight into the smooth development of our own program.  But most of all, thanks to the handlers who are willing to give so much to these wonderful majestic greyhounds.

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